Cat Rambo: Clockwork Fairies (EBook, 2010, 4 stars

Desiree feels the most at home with her clockwork creations, but Claude worries about all …

Steampunk, fairies, and steampunk fairies

4 stars

Remember back in the late aughts/early teens when steampunk was all the rage? This was published on (with a free epub download) in October 2010.

Claude Stone is affianced to Desiree Southland, the mixed race daughter of an English lord. Claude's views are not so great: "I knew Lord Southland disapproved of me, although his antipathy puzzled me. If he hoped to marry off his mulatto daughter, I was his best prospect. Not many men were as free of prejudice as I was."

Desiree is enamored of building clockwork devices. Claude does not share her interest, but allows that he can indulge her fancies. However, Lord Tyndall is quite keen to see Desiree Southland's clockwork fairies.

Rambo really nails the personality of a certain type of performative ally in just a few words and pages.