Brain-Body Parenting

How to Stop Managing Behavior and Start Raising Joyful, Resilient Kids

Hardcover, 352 pages

English language

Published March 15, 2022 by Harper.

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Over her decades as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Mona Delahooke has routinely counseled distraught parents who struggle to manage their children’s challenging, sometimes oppositional behaviors. These families are understandably focused on correcting or improving a child’s lack of compliance, emotional outbursts, tantrums, and other “out of control” behavior. But, as she has shared with these families, a perspective shift is needed. Behavior, no matter how challenging, is not the problem but a symptom; a clue about what is happening in a child’s unique physiologic makeup.

In Brain-Body Parenting, Dr. Delahooke offers a radical new approach to parenting based on her clinical experience as well as the most recent research in neuroscience and child psychology. Instead of a “top-down” approach to behavior that focuses on the thinking brain, she calls for a “bottom-up” approach that considers the essential role of the entire nervous system, which produces children’s feelings and behaviors.

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Awful book

1 star

It might have a good point or two in it, but the whole book is spent talking about the successes of the author as they implement their techniques. It's like some magic fairy tale where every technique has a happy ending, and not the reality of raising kids who have challenges. Just awful for any struggling parent's mindset.