hardcover, 576 pages

Published March 22, 2016 by John Joseph Adams/Houghton Mifflin Harco, John Joseph Adams/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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4 stars (2 reviews)

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reviewed Shift by Hugh Howey

Adds depth to the plotline

4 stars

It's hard to say too much about this series without spoiling various plot twists and discoveries. Of which there are many.

This book feels like a great setup for the final book. It introduces more knowns, and unknowns, into the state of the world. It's a longer term view of the situation compared to the first book, which is critical backstory, but means less of that "discover the world through Juliettes eyes" thrill from the first book. Also, I wish I hadn't waited as long after reading the first book, there are some specific details that carry over and aren't re-contextualized.

Very much looking forward to the third book.

Shift happens.

4 stars

Content warning Mild ones, really, but maybe read the book first.