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A fan of nonfiction, Americana, Judaica, fantasy, and sci fi, but also willing to explore.

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Heinrich Graetz, Philipp Bloch: History Of The Jews, Volume 1 (Hardcover, 2015, Arkose Press) 5 stars

An extremely detailed history

5 stars

Volume 1 goes from Jewish Pre-history to 135 BCE, through the destruction of the First Temple, the Babylonian Exile, the Secludian Empire, Hanukkah, and ends with the government of Simon. It is written both with detail and with care and I have enjoyed so much of this that I’m looking forward to continuing in Volume 2. A great but detailed read and a classic of Jewish history in ancient Israel.

reviewed Silo: Générations by Hugh Howey (Silo, #3)

Hugh Howey: Silo (Paperback, French language, 2017, LGF) 5 stars

A great read that got me from the Apple TV show

5 stars

Watched the Apple TV show and was pleased to discover that the first season is only 30 chapters of this 84 chapter book, with two more books to follow. The world built by Howey is both unique and fascinating and pulls you in with compelling characters and a desire to know how, where, and even when it exists. A great introduction to a trilogy.