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I love murder mysteries & history. Preferably in the same book.

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Allison A. Bailes III: A House Needs to Breathe... or Does It? (2022, Bright Communications LLC) 5 stars

If you own your house, read this book before you do any HVAC work

5 stars

You must read this book if you own your home before beginning HVAC work. Sadly I made the mistake of doing my HVAC work BEFORE I read this book but luckily I was not too far off the mark. Most HVAC professionals sadly do not actually know the "whys" of what they are doing and simply offer cookie cutter solutions that do not fit what your house needs – especially an existing home.

Things to remember - If you want to do anything, ensure you also insulate your home! Ensure there are no leaks in or out of the home. Otherwise, all of the other work will have to use more energy due to leaks of air. - A ductless mini split is highly recommended to condition air around your homes - A ventilated dehumidifier is highly recommended to bring in fresh air & dehumidify it - Ensure you always …

Premee Mohamed: And What Can We Offer You Tonight (EBook, 2021, Neon Hemlock Press) 5 stars

In a far future city, where you can fall to a government cull for a …

Beautiful murder mystery in a fantasy

5 stars

I have been more interested recently in murder mysteries that are set in different genres as I cannot tolerate reading any murder mystery involving sympathetic cop / detective. This is a murder mystery based on fantasy that punches up and involves a satisfying victory of the poor over the rich.

Clea Shearer, Joanna Teplin: The Home Edit (Paperback, 2019, Clarkson Potter) 5 stars

Pretty good in getting your organizing juices flowing

5 stars

The key takeaways for me: - Organize in groups based on actions you take with those things. E.g. have a coffee station with ground coffee, French press, coffee mugs. Or group all stuff that is used for breakfast together - Label these groups! Very important. Otherwise you wouldn't know how you grouped them. - Dont stuff in things unless they belong to the group. This means your shelves will be a little sparse as the stuff gets used. DO NOT FILL IT WITH OTHER THINGS - Make sure you have a place to put every item you buy BEFORE you buy it. It's a good way to curb my shopaholic tendencies.

commented on Baghdad Noir by Samuel Shimon (Akashic Noir)

Samuel Shimon: Baghdad Noir (Paperback, 2018, Akashic Books) 3 stars

Akashic Books continues its award-winning series of original noir anthologies, launched in 2004 with Brooklyn …

These stories give a more full depiction of the horror visited upon the Iraqis with the American invasion. One story is about a man who leaves a mental asylum not knowing who he is – other than what is in his file – because the Americans demolished the walls thinking it was a military facility. Another is about how horrific it was to be a woman under the Baathist regime to be a leftist person who does not believe in Baathist regime ideals. I learned how close Iraq is to Iran and started looking for news about both the countries. I learned 3 Iraqi women who were influencers have been killed in Iraq and how Iran began a crackdown on women who did not cover their heads at the same time they launched their missiles on Israel military targets.

Kylie Cheung: Survivor Injustice (Paperback, 2023, North Atlantic Books) No rating

“ They found that out of nearly 113,000 emergency visits that year related to sexual violence, 16% resulted in out-of-pocket costs for the survivors.

In those cases, the average cost of care was $3,551 per person. Costs were higher for pregnant people: $4,553 per person, on average.”

Survivor Injustice by 

This is actually from NBC news coverage of the same study quoted in this book.

Dorothy B. Hughes: The Expendable Man (Paperback, Carroll & Graf Pub) 5 stars

Amazing thriller

5 stars

I had no idea about Dorothy Hughes until I read this book. Turns out this was her last mystery thriller and she preferred being a critic after that.

Like her other books (that I ravenously stated to read after finishing this) there is a surprise twist in the beginning of the book and she does such a stellar job of seeing the world through the eyes of the protagonist in an era of civil rights movement and in a mystery thriller featuring abortion as a crucial plot point.

I am just shocked not a single movie has been made of this book (3 movies made of her previous works). I really hope someone awesome picks up the rights to make this movie. I would love to watch it!

To think she with her ethnic background was the author of this book surprised me a lot! You will know what I …

E. Valentine Daniel: Charred Lullabies (Hardcover, 1996, Princeton University Press) 4 stars

An academic study of tamils in Sri Lanka

4 stars

I had to skip multiple pages because there were too many words like "dialectic", "Anthroposemeiosis" (I refuse to learn this word) but this book is a grim documentation of how Tamils were failed by so many people including fellow tamils and how casteism is such a big barrier to unity among Tamils. I was also, once again, shocked by the tame demands of Tamils who fought united with the Sinhalese for freedom and how the anti-tamil riots of 1983 opened their eyes to how they will never be equal to the Sinhalese. The increased violence only made Tamils violent with each other as commanders tried to subjugate their troops with violence. There is so much trauma among the tamil diaspora of refugees from Sri Lanka.

E. Valentine Daniel: Charred Lullabies (Hardcover, 1996, Princeton University Press) 4 stars

Sahitharan was a twenty-nine-year-old asylum seeker from Sri Lanka. He was waylaid by a group of young whites and bashed to death in London…Over 4000 people from all ethnic groups joined the march…there were only 150 tamils…the largest non-Tamil representation…was made up of black Africans. It was of interest that the trustees…of the Wimbledon Hindu temple denied the organizers of the march the right to hang posters on the temple premises. Their reason? "We do not want to antagonize the white community"

Charred Lullabies by  (Page 188 - 189)

Once again, it is clear how big the gap is within casteism vs racism.