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reviewed The Groo Exposé by Sergio Aragones (The Groo Series, #5)

Sergio Aragones: The Groo Exposé (Paperback, Marvel Enterprises) 5 stars

Worth it just for the fish story

5 stars

Most of this volume is a three-part story featuring Groo's sister Grooella, who is not among my favorite characters in the series. The first story finds Groo encountering a city on stilts and features a 12-panel page which made me actual-LOL and stayed well above the usual level of humor throughout (which is quite the achievement, considering how many running gags this series maintained over the years).

Keith Giffen, Paul Levitz: The Legion of Super-Heroes (Paperback, DC Comics) 4 stars

The surrounding stories are better

4 stars

The Great Darkness Saga is recognized as one of the best Legion stories of all time, and I still have no idea why. If you're familiar with DC lore of the time, the minions are obvious at introduction (if not midway through the arc) and I'm still convinced that Darkseid et al. are as popular as they are(n't) solely because of the name Jack Kirby associated with them.

The rest of this volume is part of the near-complete collection of LSH stories from the beginning. The Legion has a strong following for good reason, and several of the stories in this volume are a big part of that.

John Broome, Carmine Infantino: The Detective Chimp Casebook (Paperback, 2023, DC Comics) 4 stars

Charming Golden Age material, but that's about it

4 stars

It's great that DC even considered publishing this, considering how slow they are to collect any non-current material, never mind a C-list character like Detective Chimp. I eagerly bought this to support their efforts but the material is rather bland. It's amusing at best, and like so much of the era, each story is pretty similar to the others.