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I’m interested in a multitude of things, including social justice, socialism, history, poetry, magical realism (fiction), capitalism, race, class struggle, wine, baseball, music…

Lotsa stuff.

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Karen Tei Yamashita: I Hotel (Paperback, 2019, Coffee House Press) 5 stars

Tenth Anniversary Edition, with an introduction by Jessica Hagedorn

Really entertaining and informative

5 stars

A 600+ page tour de force of historical fiction. A real education on the lives of immigrants from all over Asia and beyond during the tumultuous period of 1968-1977. Each year features a new cast, but they all revolve around the I Hotel in SF’s Chinatown. Wisened old timers mix with idealistic and determined twenty somethings, on a quest to protect what’s theirs in a land where the cards are stacked against them. Really engaging. An important read.